Product description

Made of synthetic material, the fixture is completely autonomous, composed of 8 LEDs and powered by a lithium polymer battery. One side of the fitting is designed for charging via Micro-USB cable.

Clear selection

The characteristics of the product

Snooze & Go is a product really functional, thanks to charging via USB cable. The outer cover made of transparent polycarbonate, ensures resistance and brightness. The matte area, located on the top of the cover, indicates the Touch. No more buttons or plastic buttons: now you can turn on and off your light with the flick of the fingers.

Functional lighting

Snooze & Go is inserted into a single body in a closable ABS box. The cable is inserted into the hollow end. When closed, the lamp can be easily transported, a basic condition for those who are often on the road. An open case acts as a stand for the fixture, while white open space can be used as a practical glove compartment.

Intelligent lamp

Like all outdoor lighting Giesse, Snooze Go is eco-friendly regarding the ambience around us. Our products use only the best lithium batteries, durability and low power consumption. Uploading your own lamp through a USB cable, you can use it up to 10 hours straight: energy waste and the trade-offs are a thing of the past thanks to Snooze & Go.




Snooze&Go anthracite with anthracite support, Snooze&Go green with anthracite support, Snooze&Go green with white support, Snooze&Go red with anthracite support, Snooze&Go red with anthracite support, Snooze&Go red with white support, Snooze&Go white with anthracite support, Snooze&Go white with white support