Leddy 5


Product description

Leddy 5 wireless lighting system 5 LEDs with thermoplastic structure. Waste and wires are a thing of the past: take 4 alkaline batteries (rechargeable) to guarantee a durable lighting maximized the effectiveness of presence sensors.

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The characteristics of the product

Leddy 5 is a lamp Made in Italy design, free of any requirement: you can install it anywhere with adhesive or fixing with screws provided. Under optimal conditions the battery change is expected after about 10,000 cycles, thanks to the effectiveness of the presence sensor that maximizes the performance of batteries.

No more waste and no more cables with Leddy 5. Cupboards, cabinets, wall units, display cabinets, children furniture, boats, caravans and more: are infinite environments where you can place this Cordless LED lamp, really unique.



Leddy 5

Laddy 5 grey, Leddy 5 aluminum, Leddy 5 black, Leddy 5 black flowered, Leddy 5 white, Leddy 5 white flowered