Leddy 7 eLight


Product description

Leddy 7 eLight is the lighting system with LED technology that reduces power consumption by up to 90%.

The Infinity battery must be purchased separately. Go to the page

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Leddy 7 eLight: The characteristics of the product

Leddy 7 eLight offers a great versatility of use and customization. The base that hosts the components is available either as single or double, both designed for recessed mounting with double sided tape. Its finishes (white, beige and Brown) coexist perfectly with any style of furniture. Leddy 7 eLight is a lamp Made in Italy, with certified characteristics and which comply with all European standards, applicable in any room: kitchen, bathroom, living room, Office, bedroom, bookcase and wardrobe.


The battery Infinity

Extreme durability, simplified mechanism of installation/removal, easy and intuitive application: these are the characteristics of battery Infinity. And for charging just a common Micro USB cable.


Emergency lamp

Leddy 7 eLight doubles emergency lamp wireless USB voltage detector: an easy-to-install product that does not require the intervention of skilled workers. At the time of the power failure, the USB key – plugged into an outlet with feeder – sends a signal to the MASTER and turn on the TELE Leddy 7 eLight module. A single USB key can activate multiple modules located in different rooms.



Weight N/A

beige, brown, white

Kind of module

double module, single module

type of fixing

recessed, with adhesives

type of sensor

with move sensor, with touch sensor